Deadwood Dick
Andy Snowden as "Pong Ping" and Jim Jerome playing "Blackman Redburn"
Pixie Hale as "Molly Loveless", Dennis Dugger as "Sheriff Loveless" and Mary Harmon
playing "Pansy Blossom"
Margaret Richey and Jim Jerome
Gary Ball playing "Ned Harris" and Thom Norris as "Wild Bill Hickock"
Bill Ott in the role of "Piano Pete" and
Dottie Hoover as "Gussie"
Dottie Hoover, Dennis Dugger, Mark Nolin and
Bev Chaplain
The Hatcheteers Marilyn Fisher, Vickie Nelson, Joanna Bushong, Lida Bradburn, Frances Schrader and Pixie Hale
Margie Cox as "La Paloma" and Jim Barnes playing "Black Hills Barney"
Thom Norris, Margie Cox, Harold Frye,
Margaret Richey